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Where Have All the Harriets Gone?

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Harriet Nelson in Follow the Fleet trailer (1936). (Creative Commons

As a kid, I loved to watch The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. No, I did not grow up in the 50s. I relished each episode in the 80s and early 90s when the Disney Channel played reruns.

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet chronicled the lives of the Nelson family, which consisted of Ozzie, Harriet and their two sons David and Ricky. They were the perfect 50s family. Ozzie was a funny and loving husband. Harriet was a beautiful doting wife. David and Ricky were cute kids, especially Ricky.  I had the biggest crush on him.

What I remember the most, though, from the sitcom was Harriet’s docile role. She wasn’t at all like my mom. My mom worked as a hairdresser and was away from home frequently. And while my mom could cook, she didn’t do it often. In my household, there were also many arguments between my mom and dad. Harriet would have never raised her voice at Ozzie.

None of the mom’s I new in fact were anything like Harriet. It seemed that by the 1980s and early 1990s mom’s like Harriet had all but disappeared. The stable, nuclear family of the 1950s had been replaced with a dysfunctional far-from-perfect family. This change was also evident in media portrayals of moms.


Go Big or Go Home

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

(Photo by wonggawei via Flickr)

Adam Richman loves a good challenge. He travels the United States looking for ones he can sink his teeth into. But he isn’t searching for feats of strength to tackle or moral obstacles to climb. Adam wants to defeat America’s most outrageous food.

In the Travel Channel show Man v. Food, Adam attempts to conquer some of the country’s biggest culinary challenges. Whether it’s a gargantuan hamburger or a mountain of milkshakes, no menu item is too great for Adam.

While Adam is by no means skinny, he certainly doesn’t come across as someone who could down a week’s worth of calories in one sitting. But he does, beating the vast majority of delicacies that come across his path.

The first time I watched Man v. Food, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the television. It was hypnotic. I wanted to know if Adam would win. I wanted to know if gobbling down insane amounts of hamburger patties, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese would be worth it for him.


Lindsay Lohan and the Great Necklace Caper

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Lindsay Lohan (Photo by avrilllllla via Flickr)

Lindsay Lohan’s name has become synonymous with scandal. In the past four years alone, Lindsay has had two DUIs, multiple trips to rehab, jail time, lawsuits, and very public fights with her father. But her most recent run in with the law is her most serious yet.

In January, the district attorney charged Lindsay with felony grand theft for allegedly stealing a $2500 necklace from the Venice, Calif. jewelry store Kamofie & Company. If she is convicted, she could face up to three years in prison, and even more jail time is possible if she is found to have violated her probation.

I first read about Lindsay’s most recent trouble on TMZ. The entertainment website had reported that Kamofie & Company had paid a visit to the police station after the necklace had not been returned. Owners of the store handed over surveillance video (without audio) to the authorities showing Lindsay walking out of the store with the necklace. Then, paparazzi photos soon surfaced of Lindsay wearing the necklace outside of the store. It wasn’t until a judge issued a search warrant for Lindsay’s apartment that the necklace appeared at the police station. Throughout the ordeal, Lindsay has maintained her innocence, saying the store lent her the necklace and that her assistant simply forgot to return it.

After reading accounts of the incident, several red flags went up. I couldn’t wrap my head around how stupid Lindsay would have to be to steal that necklace. With all of the legal trouble she was in, it just didn’t make sense that she would risk more problems for a piece of jewelry. In addition, it seemed rather unlikely the storeowner would let Lindsay walk out of the store with the necklace on unless it had been loaned to her. Granted, Lindsay had multiple necklaces on at once so it is possible the owner didn’t realize she was still wearing it when she walked out. But the necklace was rather large so it’s hard for me to believe the other jewelry around Lindsay’s neck completely hid the store’s necklace.